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2022 - 3d Rendering Projects Yearly Review

Written on 28/12/2022 by Cleanpix Graphics

It was a busy start to the year which can be unusual since January and early February are traditionally the quietest times of the year with many people away on summer leave.

There were a couple of fairly large projects on the ‘to do’ list, including an 8 townhouse development in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast which was commenced in late 2021 and required a few more rounds of revisions to finalise the artwork. Another major project commenced in early January was and a luxury, high-end development in Kew (VIC), comprising 3 very large townhouse units on a corner block.

Both projects proved to be a challenge for various reasons. The Mooloolaba job underwent some significant architectural redesign mid-way through the 3 visualisation process and consequently the model needed to be heavily updated at a very late stage. Being located in Queensland, the landscaping can be tough to get right since there is always a huge variety of lush, local species that needs to be populated.

Below: Mooloolaba QLD Project:

exterior hero shot mooloolaba
exterior pool view mooloolaba
interior courtyard mooloolaba
interior kitchen dining mooloolaba
interior bedroom ensuite mooloolaba

The Kew project required a lot of 3d modeling of the fine architectural interior detail which was all highly bespoke. The interiors were appointed in a sort of ‘Hampton’ style and boasted features such as chevron floorboards, bathroom and splashback tiles with relief patterns, rebated joinery, knurled brass handles, cornices and skirtings with traditional profiles, fireplace, bay window seats… and the list went on. Nightmare scenario!

In the end everything was sorted and the clients were happy.

Below: Kew VIC Project:

exterior hero shot kew
interior kitchen dining kew
interior living room kew
interior bathroom kew
interior study kew

Leading up to the Easter break, we completed a couple of nice contemporary style projects. A high-end multi-residential apartment development on Dandenong Road in Caulfield North (VIC) and a 3 level townhouse unit in Glen Iris (VIC) that was being sold off the plan by the owners.

Both projects went very smoothly without any production issues and we ended up with some pleasing visuals of clean, contemporary day time exteriors and interiors.

Below: Caulfield North VIC Project:

exterior hero shot 380 dandenong
interior kitchen 380 dandenong
interior living 380 dandenong
interior bathroom 380 dandenong

Things started to slow down after the Easter break and the next few months yielded smaller projects. We worked with a client in Brisbane to deliver quite a few 3d renders for commercial warehouse properties. This was a unique situation as there were no resolved designs or drawings available for any of the projects since the client wanted to show the land use potential. Effectively it was up to us to design the architecture which was highly unusual.

Below: Commercial warehouse property render in Willawong QLD:

commercial property warehouse 3d render

Another interesting client we collaborated with in the second half of the year was a manufacturer of flooring products. We were commissioned to create a series of interior spaces including living, kitchens, bedrooms and office space that showed off their new range of beautiful floorboards in-situ. We ended up delivering 10 unique visuals to be used in the client’s printed and online catalogues.

Below: Floorboard product visualisation Project:

interior 3d render product vis
interior 3d render product vis
interior 3d render product vis
interior 3d render product vis

In the final months of the year we completed a series of 3d renders for a 3 townhouse development in Soldier’s Hill, Ballarat (VIC) and a set of side by side residences in Essendon (VIC). Both projects were in a similar industrial/contemporary style that reflected the working class history of their locations. Externally they both prominently featured recycled brick and timber cladding walls and panels, with both projects boasting high end contemporary interiors.

Below: Essendon VIC Project:

exterior hero shot essendon
exterior 3d facade render closeup
interior kitchen 3d render
interior bar close up view
interior living room view
interior bathroom view

Below: Soldier's Hill, Ballarat VIC Project:

exterior hero shot soldier's hill
interior kitchen living view

We closed out the year commencing work in December on a new major project for a luxury townhouse development located on Dandenong Road in Armadale (VIC). The renders for this job will be completed and delivered in early 2023.