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The Rise of 3d Visualisation in Marketing and Advertising

Written by Cleanpix Graphics

Office foyer interior 3d render

When it comes to marketing and selling off-the-plan property, high quality interior and exterior 3d rendered visualisations are an absolutely essential tool.

In years gone by the typical option available to a property developer for advertising brand new residential real estate was a set of 'blueprints' that confounded and frustrated the majority of potential buyers... or worse yet nothing but a typed text classified ad. For upmarket projects, the advertising agency may have allocated a budget for a hand illustrated artist's impression, resulting in a rough, stylised perspective sketch which provided only a scant idea of the proposed product.

Since the late 1990s improving computer graphics technology started changing the real estate advertising landscape, allowing progressively detailed and more photorealistic visualisations to be employed as powerful sales and marketing tools. In the past few years, good quality 3d architectural renders have become indistinguishable from real life photos.

Leading 3d visualisation studio Cleanpix Graphics advises that in today's trend and fashion-conscious world, using 3d rendered artist's impressions is no longer just about communicating the architectural features, facade and floor plan layout... it is about selling potential buyers a dream and a lifestyle.

Meticulous attention to detail is vital as 3d artists and their clients scrutinise every image with a fine tooth comb, refining every aspect, from the accuracy of timber grain in the living room floorboards to the artwork and light fixtures that adorn the interiors. Every real estate project is unique, designed in a varying scale, style and standard to suit a broad market demographic.

High quality, polished 3d visualisations go a long way to define and appeal to the desired target market through the use of specific furniture, styling accessories, landscaping and even the mood of the image lighting.